You Don’t Realize How Fragile Your Startup Truly Is But Investors Do

I was at a lunch meeting with the head of the venture capital fund that was sponsoring me as Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR). I said to Mike, “I know if we get funded, we will succeed.”

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You don’t realize how fragile your startup truly is.

Mike was right. I don’t know if there are actually 100 things that can kill your company, and I certainly don’t want to count all the possibilities. That would be too depressing.

You lose your investors support.

There are many ways this can happen to you. For example…

The loss of support from the VC fund led to a cascading set of events.

Read on…

The moral of the story is there are many unforeseen things that can kill your company.

Little did we know at the time that Raul and Donald (the head of Donald Ventures) were fighting. Raul, not surprisingly, lost the fight, and he was told by Donald to liquidate his investments. We were just collateral damage.

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