Why You Shouldn’t Hire Great Engineers That Are Jerks

No matter how good they are, don’t do it!

“Why are we interviewing this guy?” I asked Jeroen, our VP Engineering. “Look at his resume, he’s bounced from one company to the next.”

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You should always ask why someone jumped from company to company.

I walked over to the small conference room to meet with Terry. I opened the door and I entered the room. He stood up to shake my hand and smiled.

You sometimes have to take a chance when you’re recruiting top talent.

The interview ended, and I felt that Terry would fit our company culture. He was clearly talented, but I still wondered about all the job changes.

You are what your resume says you are.

I left work early on an April Friday afternoon to take Avery to her six month doctor checkup. My cellphone rang. It was Tina, our Controller, calling.

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