Why You Don’t Want Your Startup Team Working Long Hours

Years ago, I worked for this fellow I nicknamed, “The Michelin Man.” He earned his nickname because the Michelin Man had this annoying habit of sitting with his arms folded when you talked to him, and that made him look like the Michelin Man.

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You have a choice as a CEO: Do you want to be a clock watcher or a results watcher?

I was usually the first person in the office and I was one of the last people to leave the office. That’s as it should be when you’re a startup CEO.

Having a bunch of people working late to make you feel good does the company no good.

Let’s say you desire a culture where the team regularly works late into the night. You can get what you want, and you can even feel really good about things, but working late doesn’t equal extreme productivity.

Running a company is like driving a car. You need to know when to put on the gas, and you need to know when to apply the brakes.

Yeah, I know, you’re running a startup, but a hardworking team needs a break every now and then. If you run your team hard all the time, they will resent you, and they will not be there when you really need them.

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