What Is The Advice You Never Hear But Should Hear?

I was thinking about my Dad this morning, and I was thinking about something he told me when I was raising our first round of funding. I was going on and on, as if I knew everything about startups and VCs, and I was telling my Dad that we absolutely, positively had to raise money from “Tier 1” VCs.

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The first piece of advice you never hear: Your goal isn’t to raise money from Tier 1 VCs, your goal is to just raise the money.

“You don’t get it, Dad,” I said rather loudly. I felt like we were going to get into one of our yelling matches. “Tier 1 VCs will add so much more value…”

The second piece of advice you never hear: Slow down.

“Why are you in such a hurry, Brett,” my Dad said to me about one month later. “You should slow down.”

The third piece of advice you never hear: Your family always comes first regardless of what’s going on.

About one month after that conversation with my Dad, my Mom called me at around 8 PM. “Brett, the ambulance is here. They’re taking your father to the hospital. He had what appears to be a stroke.”

I work with startup CEOs to help them grow their businesses . I built several businesses from $0 to >$100M. Learn more at www.brettjfox.com

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