The Five Steps To Answering Startup Investor Questions

brett fox
5 min readJan 9, 2024

You’re having a great investor meeting. Everything is going your way. Then, the investor asks you a question. You start telling a story instead of directly answering the investor’s question. And there goes your investment.

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There’s an art to successfully answering questions. I’ll share with you my five step process for successfully answering investor questions.

The first step in the process is:

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Successfully answering investor questions is all about thinking on your feet. The secret to thinking on your feet is preparation.

I think you can predict a lot of the questions you’ll get from investors. I used a couple of different techniques to figure out what investors might ask me.

A. Rehearse and record your pitch.

I love recording my pitch. As painful as it might be to see and hear yourself, you’ll see where your pitch is strong and where it’s weak.

You’ll also see where investors are likely to ask you questions. I like using the “Why” technique to start developing a list of potential questions I might get asked.

Listen to yourself go through a segment of the pitch and ask “Why?” about everything you hear.

For example, “Why does this go to market strategy work?” “Why does this technology work?” You get the idea. Then develop your answers to these questions.

B. Pitch to someone and have them ask you questions.

This is one of my favorite strategies. You need to practice to get your pitch right, so why not practice in front of an audience too?

I’ll practice in front of my wife and let her ask me questions. I’ll practice in front of my co-founders and let them ask me questions. Now I have a longer list of potential questions to master.

Then, as you start meeting with investors, you’ll see the type of questions that investors are asking you. Obviously, you’ll want to practice your answers to these questions as well.


2. Get ahead of the story if…



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