How Hard Will It Really Be To Raise Funding For Startup After COVID-19?

“VCs seem to be hiding under their chairs,” I said. “You can get meetings, but they’re really distracted. And the last thing they seem to want to do is give you money.”

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Don’t kid yourself, raising money during a massive economic downturn is hard.

In early 2008, just like in early 2020, the economic world and the venture capital world seemed fine. However, the warning signs, just like with COVID-19, were all around us:

The easy money is gone. Your goal is getting funded.

I was having lunch with my daughter, Avery, today. I told her that the news we are likely to hear over the next few weeks is going to be bleak. I told her, based on what I have been reading, that the death toll in the US will likely be over 100,000 and worldwide the death toll will be over 1,000,000.

Here’s my advice to you. Take advantage of the opportunities this downturn will give you.

For example, there is likely to be displaced talent. We took advantage of the downturn to line up top-notch engineers to join us after we closed funding.

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